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 Deity List

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PostSubject: Deity List   Mon Jul 27, 2009 10:20 pm

Quote :

Greater Dieties:
Io: Draconic Overgod

Intermediate Deities:

Bahamut:Good Dragons, Wisdom, and Justice

Chronepsis:Fate, Death, and Judgment

Garyx:Fire, Destruction, and Renewal

Tiamat:Evil Dragons, Evil Reptiles, Conquest, Greed
Lesser Deities:

Aasterinian:Invention and Pleasure

Astilabor:Acquisitiveness, status, and wealth

Faluzure:Energy Draining, Undeath, Decay, and Exhaustion

Hlal:Humor, Storytelling, and Inspiration

Lendys:Balance and Justice

Sardior:Neutral Dragons, Night, Psionics, and Secrets

Tamara:Life, Light, and Mercy
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Deity List
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