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 Goblin gods and worship

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PostSubject: Goblin gods and worship   Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:31 pm

Quote :
Maglubiyet: The god of war and ruler ship is the chief deity of goblins.

Khurgorbaeyag: The god of death, oppression, and morale

Bargrivyek: The god of co-operation and territory.

Gelkult: God of industry and growth

The goblin deities were originally demi-gods that took the portfolios onto themselves in order to achieve more power in the form of a lesser godhood.

Goblin society is deeply intertwined with religion in nearly every aspect. Routine offers to these gods, be it in the form of tribute or sacrifice. One of the goblin’s greatest beliefs is the role spiders play in the work of the gods. They believe that spiders were sent to the world after it’s creation by the gods to spread their message in the form of webs and that every web made by any spider, big or small, is a message from the gods to the mortal realm, although no one can read these messages, that is what is believed. It is not, however, heresy to destroy a web or kill the occasional spider, as while the messages are most certainly from the gods, the importance of said messages is questionable, anything from “Apocalypse next Tuesday, bring sunglasses” to “List: Milk, cheese, dozen eggs, six pack of beer”. Driders are viewed as something even greater, for they are the avatars of which god placed on this earth to spread the messages of the gods (as Driders give birth to spiders) and thus is why they are so revered.
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Goblin gods and worship
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