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 The Backissues-Surna: The Jewel of Talibar—Tarnished!

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PostSubject: The Backissues-Surna: The Jewel of Talibar—Tarnished!   Sun Dec 06, 2009 7:48 pm

Time: Several Months before the Death of the Prophet

Surna: The Jewel of Talibar—Tarnished!

Church springs to action, Inquisition organized!

After a nearly 50 Year absence, The Prophet of Tyr has returned—and with shocking news.
Appearing before the Imperial Council yesterday, The Prophet has presented stunning evidence and documentation of events that suggests that several High Ranking members of the Surnan government, as well as appointed Captain of the Guard, Thorn Razel, to be heavily involved in heretical activities and insidious cults. These figures have been charged with corrupting and terrorizing the populace, allowing murderers and madmen to run amok. It is said that Captain Razel has removed several laws forbidding the practice of dark arts such as necromancy, and even perpetuates them, one of Razel’s close associates being a known and notorious member of a cult of necromancy, convicted of the murder of dozens of innocent men and women, including the Head of the Surnan Church, Grand Paladin Varian Justicebringer.

These accusations were met with some surprise by the Council, considering that Captain Razel was an integral part of the defense of Surna from the Unknown Interlopers. His Highness the Prophet was quick to point out, however, that such effective defense could have easily been aided by dark magics.

With this evidence to support him, The Prophet has requested permission to perform an Inquisition upon the people of Surna. After some deliberation, the Council has given the Prophet full permission, passing an executive order naming The Prophet temporary Inquisitorial Regent of Surna and the surrounding lands for the duration of his investigation.


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The Backissues-Surna: The Jewel of Talibar—Tarnished!
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