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 The Backissues- Imperia’s streets erupt in rioting!

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PostSubject: The Backissues- Imperia’s streets erupt in rioting!   Sun Dec 06, 2009 8:05 pm

Time: 1 Month after the Death of the Prophet
Councilor Hook to lead Special Tribunal of Church authorities-Imperia’s streets erupt in rioting!
Lesser Priests and acolytes lead a riot in protest of investigations

For around a month, re-appointed Councilor Alfred Hook has prepared for the start of the official investigations into possible corruption within the Church of Tyr. By Special Executive Order, Councilor Hook had been named Head Judge of a temporary branch of the Talibarian Judiciary system, devoted specifically to this task. Since then, Hook has requisitioned several noted individuals as well as two divisions of the Imperial Home Legion to aid in apprehension and judgment of suspected individuals.

Although the arrest of so many church leaders, especially of those loved by much of Talibar, has lead to a great deal of controversy, up to this point nothing has manifested. But with the Official start of investigations coming so soon, tensions were finally set loose.

In the so called “Holy District”, an area of Imperia built up around and mostly devoted to The Grand Chapel of Tyr, discontent with the constant supervision and presence of Tribunal authority grew beyond control, with several lesser priests and acolytes leading supporting civilians in breaking past the barricades restricting access to the Holy District. Quickly growing in size, the mob continued on towards the Imperial Palace, causing unrestrained damage and violence towards property and minority groups.

For the second time in a month, the Imperial Home Guard mobilized in full force, moving to aid the already overstretched Tribunal authorities in confining the rapidly growing mob.

The violence led to a fatal climax when the priests responsible for organizing the riot led a suicidal attack on the barricades between them and the Imperial Palace. Between the Royal Guard and Tribunal authorities, all but one of the original instigators were cut down as well as nearly two score more.

With their impromptu leaders cut down and dismayed by the force used against them, most broke the insane charge and ran. It took nearly two further hours to contain and apprehend the rioters.

Despite such evident opposition towards the investigations, Councilor Hook has promised that the Tribunal will begin on schedule.


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The Backissues- Imperia’s streets erupt in rioting!
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