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 The Backissues- Battle in Northern Talibar!

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PostSubject: The Backissues- Battle in Northern Talibar!   Sun Dec 06, 2009 8:15 pm

Time: 3 Months after the death of the Prophet
Battle in Northern Talibar!
Renegade Army intercepted; Total 500 dead!

For three months now, the temporary Judicial branch led by Councilor Alfred Hook has made its way through the corruption in the Church of Tyr, working with incredible efficiency; and for a time it seemed that the investigations were finally rolling to a stop. However, this would not be the case.

The first sign that something was amiss were the observations of several local hunters. They noted that it appeared that a large herd of animals seemed to have passed by, and yet there were no large herds. These hunters reported said strange findings to local authorities, who, in response, sent several scouts to investigate. What they reported back to the village leaders left them speechless—what appeared to be a force of nearly two thousand strong adorned with the markings of the Order of Tyr, moving through the very heartland of Talibar!

It took nearly a week to contact Lieutenant General Krueger, commander of Legion 25, with the news—and by that time the destination of this rogue force was known: Surna.

Krueger led a force of four thousand of his six thousand men, posted at the Talibarian-Occitanian border, to intercept the renegade army, the two armies finally clashing just 20 miles south of Surna. Bloody skirmishes lasted the rest of the day, the smaller force holding its ground considerably. Eventually, as the day drew to a close, Krueger managed to push the renegades into a valley in which he had been able to previously fortify, lining the valley walls with his best archers and positioning 300 spearmen to form a phalanx on the other side.

After firing several barrages on the trapped army and cutting down any man who approached either end, Krueger road to the front and delivered an ultimatum—surrender or each and every man would be slain.

At this time, the commander of this rogue force finally revealed himself—later confirmed to be the, as-of-yet, missing Executor Wilhelm Maximilian Feirhem von Braun, the highest ranking member of the church not yet to be apprehended. Braun surrendered his beleaguered force as the sun went down, marking the end of a terrible conflict.

Later interrogation by Tribunal authorities, however, revealed something much more terrible. It was revealed that, for the past year and a half, Braun had waged a war of attrition and genocide against the many hundred fledgling port communities on the Eastern Coasts of Sarkun, culminating in an intended invasion of the jungle city of Sur’kas. It has been determined that, as a result of the death of the Prophet, the siege never took place, although the southern Lizardmen took heavy casualties. As a gesture of diplomatic friendship, the Talibarian government has promised to allow Tirnas to hold its own trial and preferred punishment for Braun, as well as several documents listing the locations of forces left behind by Braun to hold territory gained along the coast.

As for Lieutenant General Krueger, it has been stated that he will receive commendations for his actions in defeating the rogue force with a respectively minor loss of Imperial forces.


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The Backissues- Battle in Northern Talibar!
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