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 War in Kerodil

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PostSubject: War in Kerodil   Wed Mar 03, 2010 8:18 pm

Quote :
War in Kerodil
Author: Alexia Thiessen
Date: March 3rd

It would seem our newly-discovered neighbor, Kerodil, is in turmoil once again. Word of a great war has spread, between Inferia, its southernmost country, and the "Free North", the unofficial country composed of the free kingdoms of Northern Kerodil. According to sources, the Free North is losing badly. One of its most strategically vital and prosperous kingdoms, Aurelus, has been captured by Inferian forces, which spells famine for the rest of the Free North.

This victory by Inferia is due to its forces executing a highly unexpected and some would say outrageous flanking tactic. Two armies have clamped down on the North, one from the Teeth, the northern mountain range thought to be inaccessible; and the other, from the south, Inferia's border. The amount of devastation has been astronomical. Durender continues to fight, it being the closest kingdom to Inferia's border, and the "only thing" keeping Inferia's armies from advancing. However, with another army working its way down, the battle in Durender may be pointless.

The behavior and tactics employed by the "north force", as it has been called, were described as "unusual and shocking". For the first time, Inferia is employing a scorched-earth approach, burning farms and cities and leaving almost no survivors. Information about the invasion is thus sparse. Aurelus, however, is known to lay in ruins. The devastation is said to be even more severe than in the first Inferian Occupation, roughly twenty years ago. That, too, saw Aurelus besieged and conquered. Hopes for the Free North lie in Durender, but also in Aurelus bouncing back, which is what stopped the Inferian drive previously.
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War in Kerodil
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