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 Urgent News; Missing Citizens?

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PostSubject: Urgent News; Missing Citizens?   Fri Apr 16, 2010 5:24 pm

Quote :
Urgent News; Missing Citizens?
Date: April 16th
Author: Alestia Chao
Several Citizens and Guards of Surna have disappeared recently, along with this, a strange structure of rock seems to have sprung up overnight, some witnesses claim they recognize them as structures built by the elusive Abesquilians, a docile, seemingly harmless race living in colonies under the ground. If they are indeed Absequlians, there are thousands of them living underneath the village. Condolences are offered to the families and friends of the missing persons, hoping they will soon be found and rescued. Please contact the talibarian guard if you have any information on the disappearances

The list of confirmed missing persons is as follows.

Citizen Hannah Gilmore
Citizen Joseph Jardine
Citizen Karolis Oisín
Citizen Vaska Sampo
Soldier Adria D'Amore
Citizen Jessamine Antonina
Citizen Isaac D'Amore
Citizen Vincent Theophanes
Citizen Luben Selena
Citizen Felícia Saiful
Citizen Saburo Theobald

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Urgent News; Missing Citizens?
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