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 Help Arrives

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PostSubject: Help Arrives   Fri May 14, 2010 5:56 pm

[IC]The day dawned upon the downtrodden denizens of Surna, their lives continue to worsen as the plague intensifies. Then, over the horizon came a shadow...and another...and another. Soon a entire train of shadows had risen from the dawn-filled sky. As the shadows come closer the people notice that they are in-fact, wagons loaded with supplies and people, all of which wear freakish copper gas masks. Most of the wagons break off and encircle the city while the men upon them begin to unload, setting up camp. However, some of the transports roll up to the gate of Surna it's self, it's robed and masked figures stepping from their wagons in order to head towards the interior of the city, it's gates now open and guarded by ranks of fatigued, weakened guardsmen. Help has arrived to Surna.

[OOC]: The Empire's Vitamantia (life mages) have arrived with a thousand elite Crepidoinis legionaries in order to search for a cure and defend the city. They will be identifiable by their masks (below) and require admin permission to play as one for event or research reasons.


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Help Arrives
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