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 The Bloody Hand

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PostSubject: The Bloody Hand   Sat May 15, 2010 1:55 pm

Gelu Lingua, Cruentus Somes.

The Bloody Hand is a collective of differentially experienced killers. Some are skilled, while others are novices. Those who are ordered to kill targets are ordered to kill them in ways inexperienced killers may not be able to understand or have the means to act out. They are trained to never leave prints or otherwise anything detectable which would lead to the discovery of The Hand. As proof of the kill, the person sent on the job will be required to coat their palm in the target's blood to receive payment for a job well done. The Hand is not evil, but is thankful for it's existence in the world. It believes in three main figureheads, which in turn make up one being, The Hand (hence the symbol of Trinity). A prayer is said (optionally) for the victim by the killer, for suffering a peaceful (or painful) death. Money is then taken from the contracters coffers to fund for the assassination. Half goes to the assassin and half to The Hand.

Uniform and Ranking

The members are usually not required to wear any certain kind of outfit, but a red cloak or trenchcoat is often what they are given to wear. The ability for a member to choose an outfit is much appreciated within the ranks, and it actually helps to keep the group more anonymous. However, upon entering the Bloody Hand, they are to have a specific shape carved into their palm and fingers, which some choose to cover with gloves or gauntlets. The Leaders, however, must have the symbol carved deep into their flesh, such as their ribcage or other places. This is a dangerous procedure, but ensures that the member is loyal, through pain.

Trinity - Leads the Bloody Hand. Gives orders to the Arms. Oversees The Hand from afar, taking contracts.
Acting Arm - Sends members on jobs, recruits Daggers into the Hand. Assigns contracts.
Cloak - Highest possible rank to achieve. A member can become one of these if they have excelled on every job they are given.
Dagger - Lowest rank possible. When a member is recruited into the Hand, they become one of these.

How to Join

The Bloody Hand recruits through a process of Applying OOCly, Reviewing OOCly, Joining ICly system. You find an Arm, make your application and it is looked over by the Leader. Do note that your character has to have killed a person before they can join. (Doesn't have to be a PK, it can be a TK.) It does not matter who. If the application is accepted, an arm will be sent out ICly to find you, and recruit you. Follow their steps, and you will be welcomed into the cold arms of The Bloody Hand.


The Hand does not follow rules, instead believing in a system of rights. The members rights are revoked if he abuses them, and the member will be targeted for assassination. The rights are basic; teaching, sanctuary and protection. Each member is taught fairly and well, and is given a den to call his home. He is protected by the Hand and he protects it.
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The Bloody Hand
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