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 Donations Needed-

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PostSubject: Donations Needed-   Fri Mar 13, 2009 8:29 pm


Ok, So We are going to get our servers From Loopy from now on. Make sure to Label your donation at the top as "Olden Rp Donation" So Loopy Knows that its for OUR servers and Not His.

--->Donate Here!

Post a Reply if you Donated here!


I know this link has been ignored by the lot of you that -can- donate. Note: You need to stop ignoring it. I currently don't have the funding for the server for the next month, and If i get Invoiced, the server shuts off till we pay it. You need to take action if you can. We know some people's budgets wont allow for it, however, those of you who can, Quit taking the free ride, and help out, for everyone here, including yourself.
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Donations Needed-
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