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PostSubject: Twilight?   Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:47 am

Quote :
Author: Alexia Thiessen
Date: June 24th

Attacks by Shades and other unknown entities have nearly tripled. Monster-hunters are losing their lives in the battle against these mysterious creatures, and countless people have gone missing or been killed. Organized attacks have also been carried out on several human settlements throughout Talibar by unknown forces, with deadly results. Entire villages have been wiped out, the bodies found drained of blood and impaled on pikes or stacked like kindling in the town centers. Rivers and water supplies have been contaminated with the dead, unidentified poisons, and various plagues similar to what nearly wiped out Surna's population. Famine, disease, dehydration, and death have become commonplace. With Talibar, recognized as the world's the strongest nation, so badly besieged, people across Aeria have begun to worry for their safety. In areas of Talibar, riots have begun to break out.

The region around the mysterious "Black Tower" has become increasingly difficult to circumnavigate, crippling trade in Surna and straining the town's economy. According to sources, this region has greatly increased in size, the edge of it now only a few miles from Surna. Within this region, Shade sightings are very common, and many travelers have vanished or have been found horribly murdered. A large storm is also brewing over this area, and thunder can be heard from within Surna. No one dares venture inside.

In a recent interview, Governor Hook said, "I've already initiated a program of security and training improvements, headed under Captain Duverfidel." Indeed, the Guard has embraced a new training regimen, the results of which are yet to be seen. Governor Hook places a great deal of faith in Surna's citizens, claiming they have kept the town safe before, even when the Empire could not. Lastly, Governor Hook hinted at a plan to "strike back" against the enemy, the details of which he left out.

In related news, Kerodil has sent aid to Talibar in the form of the "Sentinels", a mysterious organization of mages acting as ambassadors to Kerodil. Among them are Jikrun Lorander, Kerodil's foremost alchemist; Wret Secundus, Sentinel Leader; and several unnamed artisans from Durender, Kerodil's crafting center.

The Empire has stationed many elite troops in settlements such as Surna, perhaps due to their proximity to the anomalous Black Tower. Following the sacking of Imperia, the Council is stationed in the city-fortress of Cramiche, where they command the many troops that remain of the Talibarian Legion.

In conclusion, much is being done in response to the attacks. The Legion is conscripting thousands, and Governor Hook has given his assurances that something will be done to push back the tide. We can only hope Governor Hook's faith isn't baseless.
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