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Character sheet

PostSubject: Kai'Nara    Wed Jul 14, 2010 2:23 pm

hurf character music hurf


Name: Kai'Nara
Aliases: Kai, K, Miss Nara.
Race: Hazenn
Current Residence: Omega legion base, close to Saromak.
Faction: Omega Legion.
Subfaction: None.
Birthplace: Tenua
Age: 239
Gender: Female
Biography: Born in 2553, Kai was the daughter of two of Tenua's finest scientists. Her parents were rich, and Kai's childhood was comfortable and easy. She attended a high-class school, went to college, and eventually to university, too. As much as Kai disliked this lifestyle, she endured and did incredibly well in school and college, scoring top marks in all her subjects. When she left school, she announced to her parents she was joining the military. Surprised, her parents tried to talk her out of it, but had no luck. Eventually Kai left for bootcamp, and began 40 years of intense training, being deployed to numerous colonies and Hazenn-controlled areas in peacekeeping and defensive roles. After her third year in active duty, she was contacted by the commanding officers of a special operations branch of the military. She was offered a place as a combat engineer on a covert mission to re-capture a Hazenn mining facility that had been captured by a group of Amblic renegades. Kai accepted, and joined the rest of the team.

The mission's goal was to recapture the facility with as little damage as possible to the buildings or machinery. After meticulous planning and training, the team was sent out in a single stealth ship, landing it on the outskirts of the colony surrounding the facility. They split into two groups, Kai's squad was tasked with creating a diversion to let the other squad sneak into the facility unnoticed before beginning their attack. The planned diversion was the destruction of a repurposed Hazenn military depot, which the Amblic were using as a fuel dump and parking lot for their armored vehicles. The mining facility was located at the bottom of a shallow valley, the depot was at a high point along the side of the valley, with the town sloping up to it. Along with the mining facility, a small spaceport was located at the base of the valley. The first squad reached their position, but their cover was blown before the second squad had reached the depot. The first squad put up a struggle against the Amblic, knocking out two armored vehicles and killing 40 men before the entire squad of ten was killed. The second squad tried calling for evac, but the radio signal was detected and the Amblic began scouring the city for their location. Deciding that evac wasn't coming, Kai and the rest of the squad decided to do as much damage to the colony as possible, and split into two groups of five. Kai's group headed to the depot, the rest headed to a power substation, in an attempt to cause a colony-wide blackout, and hopefully cripple some security systems. As Kai's group reached the depot, they were informed that all but one members of the team at the substation had been wiped out, the last member detonating the substation, which was surrounded by Amblic, trying to get in. The blast blacked out the colony, as planned, and the Amblic surrounding the substation suffered heavy casualties, losing 200 soldiers and another 5 armored vehicles which had refrained from firing their weapons so as not to damage the substation.

The amblic became confused, and most of the vehicles in the Depot were moved out to scour the colony more, leaving the depot empty enough to mount a small assault upon. Despite the severely reduced numbers of Amblic at the depot, two of the five team members were killed before the explosives were planted, which exploded with enough force to completely obliterate the depot. The team retreated, becoming split up, Kai fled into the alleys of the colony, managing to evade capture, unlike the other two squad members, who were captured and interrogated overnight, both unaware of Kai's survival. As dawn broke, the Amblic began repairing some of the damage and reinforcing their defences, Kai listened in on Amblic comms, discovering that the other two squad members were due to be taken to the Amblic's main ship, in orbit for further interrogation and torture. Carefully listening for the ship's numbering and markings, She lay in wait, observing the spaceport from the ruins of a building on the edges of the colony. Before the ship arrived, one of the Amblic's heavy tanks which had been knocked out the previous day headed past, partially repaired and heading to a new depot for complete repair. Ambushing it, Kai killed the crew with her pistol before they could get any radio messages out, then parked it overlooking the spaceport.

As the ship arrived to take the prisoners away, Kai used the captured tank to take out the ship, scoring several hits on the unsuspecting ship's bridge, killing the flight crew, before scoring another hit on the engines, destabilising the ship and causing it to crash into the valley side, where it exploded violently, killing hundreds of Amblic soldiers aboard and in the colony. Having suffered heavy losses from this, the Amblic decided it wasn't worth wasting more troops, and the commanding officers gave the order to pull out. Kai rammed the tank through the meagre resistance on the streets downhill on the way to the spaceport, plowing through any barricades and using superior momentum and size to ram any other Amblic vehicles off the road. Arriving at the spaceport, Kai managed to apprehend a small convoy carrying the two captured Hazenn out of the colony. Using her tank as a barricade, she plowed through the front of a building, out into the street, slamming on the brakes, scaring the shit out of the lead vehicle's driver, who slammed on his own brakes, causing the entire convoy to ram into the back of eachother at high speed. Giving them no time to disentangle themselves from eachother, Kai hopped out of the tank, taking out the soldiers guarding the convoy, discovering the two captured Hazenn, badly beaten, in the back of one of the vehicles.

Helping them both out, all three managed to get back into the captured tank, driving it to the spaceport. At the spaceport, debris from the exploding ship had destroyed much of the buildings, and smoke from fires across the colony made it nearly impossible to take off anything safely. Disregarding this, and seeing no alternatives, Kai managed to blow open the doors of a hangar, jamming the tank into the vehicle bay of the shuttle inside. Having turned the turret around beforehand, Kai used the reversed turret and the heavily armored rear of the tank to absorb any fire whilst holding off any Amblic that tried to stop them taking off. The two surviving Hazenn managed to get the ship airborne, flying it to the pre-arranged evac point, 400 miles south of the facility, where they were extracted and brought home. Pleased with the results of the mission, the Hazenn high command awarded all of the participants medals, posthumously awarding them to the deceased. For her actions, Kai was awarded a special medal, as well as being offered a position as a higher rank in the special ops group. Kai declined, much to the surprise of her parents and the military, publicly expressing her disgust at the eagerness of the Hazenn special ops group and military to send such small groups of soldiers in to fight impossible odds, even with the amount of training they had. Kai immediately regretted this, sparking a huge debate about this exact subject, leading to major controvercies arising about how the military was run. Kai left Tenua, in order to escape the constant requests for interviews and statements, instead opting to move to Eshira, which Kai claimed to be the "Shittest, least-interesting planet that i can think of". After doing various security jobs, Kai decided to start up her own mercenary groups, as she was frustrated at the poorly run, amateur groups that already worked on Eshira. Presenting her plan to employers she had already worked for, She gained financial backing, and the interest of various other mercenary and military veterans from around Eshira. After the evacuation of the Hazenn science teams from Eshira, the fledgling Omega Legion ventured to the abandoned scientific post.

The site was in the base of a large volcanic crater, which had become cracked, leaving large portions of facility and equipment atop floating lumps of rock, some of which had begun to sink or melt. Facing rising lava levels, Kai and the other members worked intensely to rescue as much equipment as possible, using a borrowed dropship to lift as much equipment as they could from the crater as possible. Due to the scale of the dig site, the amount of rescued equipment was more than sufficient to equip even a large mercenary group. Salvaging parts from damaged vehicles and equipment, Kai was left with a large fleet of ATLC-222's along with numberous dropships and weapons, most of which are still used by the Omega Legion today.

Personality: Easily annoyed, Friendly to some people, Smart, Polite and well-mannered, but not someone to be messed with.

Weaponry and Equipment

Weapon Name: DB-6 hunting pistol
Weapon Description: A hunting pistol with a relatively long range, high accuracy and damage, but cannot be fired quickly.
Swep: This.
How your character received this weapon: Given to her as a gift by one of her old employers, before she started Omega Legion.


Vehicle Base: D9 Jeep. (Reskinned)
Vehicle Name: ATLC-222 Command Vehicle
Vehicle Description: A regular ATLC Jeep,but fitted with an enhanced onboard computer, Capable of driving by itself, if given a specified location, using orbital scans and rangefinding equipment to avoid obstacles. Also capable of automatically manning the mounted gun, using heatseeking and motion sensors to locate targets, although inneficient at telling friend from foe. This can only be avoided by the driver designating targets to the computer, but takes time, and is overall highly useless.
How you acquired your vehicle: Taken from the Hazenn research base when it was abandoned, re-sprayed, repaired and re-fitted with new equipment.

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PostSubject: Re: Kai'Nara    Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:20 pm

Nice application. I look forward to fighting alongside Miss Kai.

Great bio float. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Kai'Nara    Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:21 pm

Hmmm, getting really creative with the names now aren't we?

Anyways nice bio.
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PostSubject: Re: Kai'Nara    Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:53 pm

Arthurs wrote:
Hmmm, getting really creative with the names now aren't we?

That's rich coming from the guy who put no imagination or creativity into his character bio.

Anywhoo, the bio's much better after the amendment to the bit about the Amblic bit. I approve.
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PostSubject: Re: Kai'Nara    Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:35 pm


Quote :
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Casandra Lepela: I'm not furry...
Rha'Lusk of the Barkmane | Cpt.Moottorimarkka ®️ [LOOC]: Phahahahah
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Niphsus Ralcourt: Aren't..

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PostSubject: Re: Kai'Nara    Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:06 am

I'll approve this seeing how everyone seemed to be in agreement. Moved to approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Kai'Nara    

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