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 The Occitanian Flammenwaffe

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PostSubject: The Occitanian Flammenwaffe   Wed Jul 14, 2010 7:16 pm


"Honoured is he who knows fire. Honoured is he who carries pain. Honoured is he who inflicts fire upon the enemies of the Kaiser."

The Occitanians are world renowned for their great advances within military technology. But contrary to popular belief, not anyone who waltzes into Occitan has access to all of their equipment.
All out-of-the-ordinary technology is guarded in secret locations by the Occitanian Flammenwaffe, and are only used by them as well.
The Flammenwaffe themselves are entirely unknown to most Occitanians, and all other nations. It is a well guarded secret, and even though reports from previos wars have stated that something like this Flammenwaffe was used, Occitan had denied its existance entirely.
Flammenwaffe literaly translates to "Flame-weapon", and they are called this because all their technology centers around the use of fire.

The Flammenwaffe was created roughly 20 years ago, when Occitan started breaking through on the scientific and technologic fronts, the Kaiser decided these great wonders of the mind would not be used
out on the field by the common legionaire. The legionaires of Occitan already had to endure several years of training, and in order for them to properly operate and maintain this equipment too they would require further years of study.

The Flammenwaffe get the same basic training as all Occitanian military forces. But as legionaires move on to train further with combat, and the riders move on to train how to fight on horseback, the Flammenwaffe troops train to become masters of maintence and operation of all these technological wonders.
The Flammenwaffe are trained in machinery, physics, and metalworking.
Soldiers who serve in the Flammenwaffe are referred to as "Flammekämpfer".

The basic Flammenkämpfer does not wear the standardized heavy armour of the other Occitanian forces, and relies more on killing the enemy first rather than being able to stand for long in close combat.
Due to this, the Legion, Kavallerie, and Armee are often tasked with supporting these men as they move forward, creating a wave of flames.
Flammenkämpfer come equipped with a woolen uniform and caps with a deathskull surrounded by flames embroided on their chests and sleeves.

Below is a list of Flammenwaffe technology.


The gasmaske was first invented to protect the wearer from the large amounts of flammenbenzin that the flammenwerfer operators would inhale during combat and general operation of it.
The gasmaske has overgone many changes over the year, and has reached its forty-third version, where it is finally satisfactory to the Flammenwaffens need.
The gasmaske protects the wearer against inhaling any and all airborne chemicals, dust, gases, and bacteria. Utilizing a filter covered in a classified substance which destroys and or blocks out anything that is not breathable air.

The gasmaske has gone from being worn by certain individuals to a standardized piece of equipment that all Flammenkämpfer are required to wear.


Literally translating to "thrower of flames", the flammenwerfer is the most widely used weapon of the Flammenwaffe, as it is easy to operate and carry around.
Working on principles of compressed air and a classified liquid called "Flammenbenzin", the Flammenwerfer can throw a large flame over an area as far as 20 meters.
Flammenbenzin, is a highly flammable liquid that is sprayed at a very high velocity from the nozzle of the Flammenwerfer, where a piezo ignition system sets the liquid aflame, and burns anything in its path. Flammenbenzin burns at roughly 1100 degrees celsius.


This massive steel beast is called the gepanzerten Feuerwehrfahrzeug (armoured fire vehicle), and could very well be the most efficient piece of equipment available to the Flammenkämpfer.
Utilizing advanced steam-powered machinery, the machine itself is fairly slow, with a top speed of roughly 40 km/h. Although it is not the speed it is supposed to be used for. Inside this machine sits several Flammenkämpfer behind mounted Flammenwerfers.
Holes for these Flammenwerfers are everywhere, and any attempt at getting close to the vehicle will often result in the incineration of the one attempting.
These vehicles are extremely slow, and almost always come accompanied by either legionaires or soldiers.


The feuergepäck. It looks like a simple leather bag. But inside it is the real surprise. A mixture of highly flammable gases, liquids, and slow-burning fabric, is all mixed into a single explosive device. When triggered, it explodes in a massive fireball, instantly incinerating anything within 60 meters, and inevitably setting everything on fire for another 100. As the blast goes off, the earlier mentioned fabrics are spread high into the air and lit aflame. At this point, the flaming fabrics begin raining down as far as two kilometres away, and is aimed at setting fire to more of the surrounding area, if possible.


Literally translates to "inferno thrower", this majestic piece might look like a simple tube, propped up by metal legs. But it is far much more. Inside the tube sits a miniature version of a crossbow's firing mechanism.
The Höllewerfer fires projectiles known as "Höllegranaten", a small but powerful weapon of destruction, straight into the air, and even though it's firing mechanism is much smaller than an ordinary crossbow, it is capable of letting lose projectiles at a speed greater than any ballista today, and is also capable of propelling the Höllegranaten as far as 1300 meters away.
The Höllegranaten explodes in a massive cloud of flames, and anyone within 25 meters of the blast will suffer fatal burns.

Due to the method of firing straight into the air, the Höllewerfer becomes greatly inaccurate at longer distances. To combat this, the Flammenwaffe often set up sections of atleast 10, and blanket an area with fire.

A commonly used tactic amongst the Flammenwaffe commanders is to send word to any enemies that if they do not surrender, the Saints themselves will send punishment upon them. If they refuse to surrender, the Flammenwaffe sends barrage after barrage of these shells straight into the heart of the enemy from out of sight.
This tactic has proved very useful, as it kills roughly 78% of enemy forces, and the rest are often so severely burned or psychologically traumatized that Legionaires can simply walk up and slice their throats open.
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The Occitanian Flammenwaffe
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