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 Dr. Denise Fox

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PostSubject: Dr. Denise Fox   Tue Oct 19, 2010 9:20 pm


Dr. Denise Fox.
Denise, Denny (To her father.)

Asari (or whatever the fuck they're called in this universe)

Current Residence:
CFV Constellation.

United Terran Coalition.

UTC Medical Corps.

The Medical bay of the CFV Idaho, whilst in the orbit of neptune.


Asari mono-gender.

Neutral Good.

Quiet and polite, a quick thinker when she's thinking straight, only acting like a proffessional when she needs to be one.

The daughter of well-known Admiral Leonidas Fox, the first officer of the Bahamut at the time of space roleplay 1. Grew up on the CFV Idaho, where she was born, running errands for the crew and helping her father out, enlisted fully as a medical officer as soon as she was old enough, after being talked out of joining the marines by her father. After completing basic medical training she specialized in field medicine, and trained to be a marine medic. As her training was almost complete, Denise's mother was killed in a collision between the Idaho and a smaller ship, causing Denise much distress due to her close relationship with her mother. Turning to drugs as a way of coping with her loss, but strictly training herself to know when to stop. After finishing medical training, Denise was assigned to a series of ships on the front line of the first contact war with the Amblic, and proved herself to be an impressive and competent medic, as well as a decent fighter. After the war was over, she was assigned to various patrol ships, untill being assigned to the CFV Ares, where she served until the crew were forced to evacuate after the conflict with Amblic Seperatists. Currently helps out in the medicla bay aboard the CFV Constellation.

Weaponry and Equipment

Standard UTC Marine Medic armor, female type.
UTC Marine medic pack and pouches, containing basic medical equipment and supplies.
Standard UTC Field Medic weaponry, pistol, shotgun, grenades.

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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Denise Fox   Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:31 am

Good throwback to the Bahamut.
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Dr. Denise Fox
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