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 Elven Political Unity

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PostSubject: Elven Political Unity   Thu Nov 25, 2010 4:23 am

Creation of the 'Concordic Dominion'
Date: Nov 26
Author: Arthur Ridgewell
In a surprising counterpart to the discord at home, news has reached Talibar of political stirrings within the normally stagnant Elven community. Though such information had previously been withheld from foreign lands, it has been revealed that today marks the completion of a long and arduous unification process that has taken place, in secret, over the past five years. Elven officials have stated that the Dominion has been in effect in practical terms, if not official, for over a year now, citing recent events as having "forced their hand". As such, amidst a celebratory din within the normally somber city of Tec'lis, influential elves from all the Isles convened to officially organize the creation of the Concordic Dominion, unanimously naming Li'nau Tallithdar the Archon of the Dominion. Tallithdar, aged even by elven standards, is the previous Grandmaster of the Elvish Order of Tyr. Tallithdar cited a series of divine revelations by Tyr himself as inspiration for the creation of the Dominion.

During his coronation, Archon Tallithdar had this to say.

"This day marks the return of true Justice and Order to the world. For too long have we, the children of the Mandate, chose to sit idle and ignore her calls to duty. For too long have false deities and prophets sought to twist the mind of good elves and men. This is the establishment of a true,Concordic, -Dominion- over this world and its lands, dedicated to wresting the dark from both the minds and bodies of the world's people; And as it was once before, as it is now, as it so shall, forever, be, we are the Light's chosen instrument in this task. Let no mortal, man or elf, seek us ill, and let no dark being bar our way, for we shall triumph, no matter the cost."

Historically, the formation of the Dominion marks the first time in nearly two thousand years, before the age of men, that the Elven people have been unified under a single banner. Only time will tell how they fare.
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Elven Political Unity
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