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 Die Weisses Flachland

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PostSubject: Die Weisses Flachland   Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:07 am

Die weisses flachland, (literally 'the white plains'), is the northern-most region of Occitan, and is also the largest region in the Empire.
The white plains boast massive plains and forests covered entirely in a thick layer of snow, and is mostly used by the empire for fishing and forest harvesting.
It is also said that the male children of villagers and townspeople that live within the white plains are all abducted by the legion for training, but this is a rumor. And spreading rumors is high treason.

The region is considered by most other Occitanians to be the most unpure and barbaric part of Occitan, as it was originally another nation, but the name has been long lost as all major cities and libraries were burned when Occitanian soldiers marched straight into the heartland.
Lately, the population of die weisses flachland have been considered unruly by the Kaiser, and thusly all w├Ąchtermacht forces have been reinforced by garrisons of legionaires, who are ready to keep peace at all costs.

Roughly 15 years ago, a mighty warrior of the Occitanian Order who hailed from these lands, slaughtered 13,000 kazuth freedom fighters in the Occitanian Empire. He was known simply as "Weisses Fleisch" (white flesh), and was characterized by his specialized equipment, which was all white.
For this, the Kaiser rewarded him with one wish, to which he replied, "I want for my homeland to speak its own language again".
And thusly, the language that had been forbidden from even being spoken OF for many, many years was freely spoken in the white plains again. And it is still the main language of the northern part of Occitan today. The language itself was not allowed to retain its original name, and was instead renamed to "White Occitanian".

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Die Weisses Flachland
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