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 Silthia Piral

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PostSubject: Silthia Piral   Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:01 pm





The Underdark

Chaotic Neutral

None Worshipped


Appearance Description
Silthia is slim and stands at a height of 5'7''. Silthia has very dark skin as well as bright red eyes and white hair, which stretches down past her elbows though is normally left tied up. She appears to be in her mid-twenties for her age. Silthia has barely any muscle, enough to do all her daily things though holding something like a longsword might fatigue her quickly and because of this she is very weak in physical combat. For clothing, Silthia is commonly found in a maid outfit. Recently, with a lot of money she earned, she had bought an expensive purple dress which has thin silver designs in it, subtracting at least a hundred gold from her savings.

Silthia cares about one thing the most and that is money. She rarely ever spends it unless she has a good reason, normally she just puts it all into her savings and lets it build up to boast about. She gloats at other people's misfortune to obtain large quantities of money themselves. Silthia uses her own ways of persuasion to get what she wants at times. Aside from killing her, the best way to keep her quiet at times is with a bit of money. Silthia isn't completely evil, she is still caring and kind towards others though you'd have to be very special for that. Silthia isn't all too obedient, she'd rather give orders than ever take them, though sometimes she deals with it and does what people ask of her. Silthia has permanent memory loss problems as a result of brain trauma from head injuries in her past.

Illusion Magic
Silthia, oddly, is only a partial master in illusion magic, somehow getting by with studying only the things she felt most important though regrets doing so now.

{ ||||||---- }

Silthia had been pickpocketing for multiple years in her past. She learned enough to sneak a rock into someone's pocket while taking whatever they had without even being noticed. After a while of doing small house robberies her skill in pickpocketing decreased because she hadn't acted nor practiced it. She can still sneak some money out of someone's pocket easily though is bound to make a mistake and be caught soon.


~Current Objectives~
Give Zayl a special present -Ongoing
Obtain a new servant -Ongoing

~Completed Objectives~

~Failed Objectives~
Kill Kale - Forgotten Kale

Dark Red Dress
Maid Outfit
Small Iron Dagger
Gold Savings: 9,910
Silk Bag
Book of Illusion - Decent Quality
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Silthia Piral
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