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 Avaline Wellspring

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PostSubject: Avaline Wellspring   Sun Mar 20, 2011 2:24 pm

Name:Avaline Wellspring
Birthplace: Phialo(Outside of Leyanara)
Height: 5"7


Avaline's father had been trained as a hunter. And poached on protected lands as a living. Avaline has been using bows since she was fourteen and is very proficient.

Combat with Daggers: [IIIIIIIIII]
Avaline can perform some basic fighting, but mostly uses her dagger to gut and clean game. Has never been very interested in close quarters fighting.

Mental Stability: [IIIIIIIIlI]
Avaline's Mental stability is usually lucid, although she is becoming more prone to schizophrenic like lapses.


Avaline grew up in a small village about twenty kilometers outside of Leyanara. Her father was a local hunter who had taken to hunting on protected lands, and her mother from a long line of Demonologists. After her father and mother married, Avaline's mother's family disowned her. As part of the tradition of the family each member of age of entrusted with a portion of Stygian armor. The trustees were not supposed to marry until another family member had come of age and could take over the duty. In her fury at her family she retained her piece, locking it away in a chest and placing a blessing on it. A year after her parents married Avaline was born. Avaline's mother died in childbirth leaving her father to raise her. When she was fourteen her father took her on as his apprentice. She stayed this way until eighteen when her father grew ill. She was left as the sole breadwinner; a job she took on reluctantly. When she was twenty her father fell down a well and died. After three days of searching Avaline came upon the fouled well. With help from villagers she pulled her waterlogged father out. After the funeral ceremony Avaline took the house keys from her fathers body. She stay in her house for three days, weeping and grieving. In the house she had found her mothers chest, upon opening it she clung to the Gauntlet as her last memory of her mother and father. When she finally departed the house she did it in the dead of night. She departed for Surna knowing she had an uncle there, upon arrival her hope was naught. As nobody knew anything about her uncle.

Stygian Gauntlet

Avaline's Stygian gauntlet contain a demon with magical powers. The gauntler act's as a choke for them; although as the demon begins to intertwine itself into Avaline her powers will grow. Although this will happen slowly as she only has one piece of the armor. As the demon grows into Avaline she may be prone to bouts of madness or schizophrenia. If Avaline wishes the call upon the powers of the demon she must allow the connection to broaden, in addition to being very dangerous it also takes a couple of moment to will the demon into the power.

Avaline can summon minor ice powers. For instance she can chill the tip of her arrow, making it extremely prone to shattering.
Avaline's Abjuration usually involves changing the flight of an arrow, a skill which she is getting adept at.
Avaline has had some minor out of body experiences. usually in the form of dreams. She is unable to control it normally.
Oak Longbow
Quiver of two dozen steel arrows
Leather hauberk
Fur moccasins
Stygian Gauntlet(Left hand)
370 Peices of gold
Engraved Hunting Knife

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PostSubject: Re: Avaline Wellspring   Sun Mar 20, 2011 3:27 pm

So the family passes down a piece of Stygian armor (which traditionally has the corruptive soul of demon within it) so that they can draw upon the demon's power? And the more you draw upon the power, the more the demon takes hold?

I can dig.



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PostSubject: Re: Avaline Wellspring   Sun Mar 20, 2011 4:18 pm

This is the first character other than Thorn to use Stygian. I'm down with that.



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PostSubject: Re: Avaline Wellspring   Sun Mar 20, 2011 5:13 pm

I accept this.
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PostSubject: Re: Avaline Wellspring   

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Avaline Wellspring
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