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 Local Alchemist Commits Suicide

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PostSubject: Local Alchemist Commits Suicide   Mon Apr 18, 2011 9:20 pm

Local Alchemist Commits Suicide
Date: April 18th
Author: Arthur Ridgewell

The coming army has put stress on many of the townsfolk, to some, a sickening amount. Local alchemist William Warthrop was found dead in his house late this afternoon after completing an order for Guard Captain, Mr. Thorn Razel. After completing the order, the Alchemist left the potion boiling instead of taking it off, the fumes had completely filled the house, and Mr. Warthrop overdosed and died. After a local citizen passed out while walking past the shop, authorities investigated to find the toxic home, the dead Alchemist, and a suicide note.

As of right now, no discussion has happened as to what will happen to Mr. Warthrop's estate and fortune in potions and gold, although currently the shop is filled with the toxic fumes. Local authorities have deemed it incredibly dangerous to enter the shop, and Mr. Warthrop's body was was transported by a removal crew trained to undergo these sorts of situations. Some fumes still hiss through the door, and it has been advised that no citizens should get anywhere near the shop.

No plans yet exist for any sort of funeral for the Alchemist, but in a suicide note he had left, he states it would be nice if someone bothered to put one together.

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Local Alchemist Commits Suicide
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