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 Mysterious murder of Leyanaran Cook

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PostSubject: Mysterious murder of Leyanaran Cook   Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:16 pm

Quote :
Mysterious murder of Leyanaran Cook
Date: 4/2
Author: Jean Asluarm
A group of hunters work their way into Leyanara every day of the week from the forest to drop off their meat, as usual. But this time, things went terribly wrong.
The cooksman they drop the supplies and game off to was murdered today, by who, nobody seems to know. A garbed, hooded figure whom was apparently simply talking to the cook and then in a split second had stabbed him. Investigators say that this is not something to worry about and that the killer -will- be found and jailed... possibly even executed.

OOC: Someone killed the cooksman!
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Mysterious murder of Leyanaran Cook
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